Vendor Information


May – October 2023

  1. This market is for Michigan resident growers and producers of Michigan produce Resident grower/producer is further defined as a person or persons who manage the daily farm operation or production of their goods.
  2. Produce is further defined as plant and animal products grown or raised on a Michigan farm, orchard, garden, greenhouse or Produce include, but not limited to fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, foliage and flowering plants, herbs, mushrooms.
  3. Value-added agricultural products include, but not limited to baked foods, jams/jellies, honey, maple syrup, apple cider and other fruit juices, cheese, soaps, oils, hand crafted items from home grown plants and animals.
  4. Arts and Crafts offered for sale must have been made or assembled by the Arts and crafts stall availability will be determined by the Market Manager.
  5. All produce for sale must be of good quality and grown/produced in A minimum of at least 50% of the different produce items offered for sale on a daily basis must have been grown or raised by the vendor. A vendor selling purchased product may be required to prove items are Michigan grown/produced.
  6. All produce that is not grown/produced by the vendor will need a sign stating where the item was grown/raised. (i.e.-Bay City Melons).
  7. All value-added products offered for sale must be created or produced in A vendor selling purchased product may be required to prove items were produced in Michigan.
  8. Any washing of fruit and vegetables must be done prior to the arrival at the The Market Manager has the right to examine all produce for spoilage or damage and has the authority to prohibit the vendor from selling damaged or unfit products.
  9. Vendors are required to meet all applicable rules and regulations of the State of Michigan and Federal Please check with MDA (Ml Dept of Agriculture) for required licensing of your products. Attach a copy of your license to your applications, if applicable. Products must be properly labeled if required (ie. Cottage Food Law).
  10. Vendors must be set up and ready for sales prior to the opening time of the market. It is also requested that vendors not pack items or remove their booths before the end of the market times.
  11. Vendor fees will be assessed. The full season is $60. You will not be required to attend all days, but will be required to notify the market manager 24-hours prior if absent. Daily vendor fee is $10.
  12. The Market Manager shall make assignment of all stall spaces.
  13. Vendors are not allowed to trade, lease, sell or otherwise manipulate their assigned stall without prior approval of the Market An employee of the vendor is allowed to manage sales at the Market. The employee must be 16 years of age or older.
  14. All vendors are required to visibly display product prices, vendor’s name or farm name if applicable, farm or production location including a name of city, and all required licenses or permits if applicable.
  15. Product prices should include a description of size (unit, pint, quart, peck, bushel, basket, bunch, etc. or weight in pounds).
  16. The sale of live animals is not allowed.
  17. Vendors are encouraged maintain a minimum product liability insurance of $1,000,000. Ross Lake-Beaverton Farmers Market assumes no liability for injuries or damage incurred by vendors or shoppers arising out of the conduct or participation of the market vendors, their employees, or representatives.
  18. Vendors shall at all times conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner with all customers and other vendors. Disruptive, rude, and/or vulgar behavior will not be tolerated. Vendors shall be dressed appropriately-Neat & Clean-for the The image you present to your customers reflects on our market and all vendors.
  19. Each vendor must clean up and remove the debris around his or her stall at the end of each Market day. Any and all vendor generated waste, rubbish, or trash must leave the market with the Failure to comply may result in the violating vendor billed a minimum of a $50.00 clean up fee.
  20. Vendors will not be allowed to distribute CSA pickups.
  21. The Market Manager will have full charge of enforcing all Market Vendors not complying may be suspended from the Market for the day or the season. Fees paid will not be returned.
  22. Complaints or appeals concerning the actions of the Market Manager must be made in writing to : Beaverton Farmers Market-Ross Lake Beaverton MI 48612.
  23. The Beaverton Farmers Market-Ross Lake is a tobacco, drug and alcohol free environment.